Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pink Sheep

This photo of Sheepworld is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We had a great time in the Northlands with two successful family history trainings.  While we were at that Family Fun Day in Whangarei Stake on Saturday, Toni and Cheryl took the bus trip up to Cape Reinga. They enjoyed their time, despite the bus getting stuck in the sand on 90 mile beach and having to wait nearly an hour for a farmer to come pull them out with a tractor.

Also, it started to rain pretty steady, so they didn't get to see near as much on the way as they would have otherwise.

Still, they both had a great attitude, rolling with whatever happened and finding beauty along the way nonetheless.

On our way back to Auckland today the rain continued, but we still saw plenty of  New Zealand beauty and even spotted the famous pink sheep in  Warkworth.

Tomorrow our guests will return to the USA.  We will miss them.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having Larry's sister and her friend here with us.  We have laughed much, had some good talks, and enjoyed showing them some of our favorite places.  

I remember years ago (about 1983?)  we visited Larry's Uncle Carl & Aunt Phyllis in Pensacola, Florida during their mission.  It was a great visit, but Phyllis said later that when we left she felt more homesick than ever to have to say goodbye.   I can relate.   We LOVE our mission experiences.  Still, having family here with us for these past few days has in some ways reminded us of all we are missing back home.  Still, we will treasure our memories of our time together.  We are so glad they could come.

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