Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time with the Jordons

On Sunday the Jordons picked us up to take us to church with them. We went to a unit in Malaeimi Stake that was having a ward conference. The whole meeting was in Samoan, so we couldn’t understand anything that was being said, but hearing the choir sing was amazing.

 After church we took a drive through the National Park and saw some gorgeous views of the island.

That evening we met with a lady who had been at the West Stake training who had contacted us to say she wanted us to meet some non-members and less actives that she was working with to teach them family history.

 Afterwards we went to the Jordon’s home for dinner. We had a nice time with them talking about our respective mission experiences, sharing stories of our families and plans for when we get back home. After dinner the zone leaders came by and we got to visit with them as well. One of the young elders (Elder Barclay) came from the same ward in Idaho where Larry’s sister lives. We took several photos and told him we would email them to his mom.

  All in all we had a great Sabbath day.   We really enjoyed our time with the Jordons.  We have been blessed to meet so many fine people throughout this mission.  It also made us aware of how fortunate we are to be assigned to the Pacific Area Office where we get to associate with other Senior Missionaries on a regular basis.  The Jordons are the only Senior Missionaries on Tutuila.  They carry a heavy load acting as intermediary for the Mission President, being on the front lines as they are in looking after the young sisters and elders.  Nearly every day they end up taking someone to the doctor or dealing with some sort of emergency.  It's a heavy responsibility.

There are so many different kinds of missions.  It is amazing how all the many different people serving throughout the world are placed in the right place at the right time, matching each missionary's skills and personality to whatever sort of assignment will be best for them.

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