Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holden Holiday

As we travelled from Las Vegas to Utah we were fortunate to have clear roads all the way.  We saw snow on the ground but never had any storms to drive through.

By the time we finally reached Holden, Utah we were tired of being in the car and more than ready to get out.  Our hearts were warmed by this cute sign that the kids had made for us:

Both because of the snow and because of the many decorations, this is where we finally began to catch a taste of the Christmas spirit.

We were able to stay in Holden with Larry's brother Ted and his wife Karen for two days.  While we were there we were able to visit with several members of Larry's extended family.  We truly appreciated the chance to spend time with each of them, young and old.

Aunt Phyllis 

Carol and ElDon Frampton


Sam McCall, Savannah & Austyn
 Of course, as is our custom, we went up to the field above town for a bit where Ted keeps his horses and where the alfalfa field is to savor some of the beauty there.

It was a lovely visit with wonderful meals, good company and much love all around.   We were very grateful to our Utah family for making us feel so welcome.  All too soon it was over and time for us to get back into the car to continue on in our grand USA adventure as we headed out for the final leg of our journey to Idaho. 

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