Saturday, March 12, 2016


This weekend we got together with our good friends, Elder and Sister Henderson, to take in the Pacifica festival.  It is an annual event here in Auckland which has been going on over 20 years.   The Island people come together to create "Villages" from each nation.  There are dances, handicrafts, music, food booths, and more to celebrate the culture of all the Polynesian people of the islands.  The weather was perfect. It was a lovely day.   We enjoyed walking around the park where the festival was held, taking in the sights and sounds and smells and tastes.  (Gotta love those pork buns!)

We went early and left early before the crowds got to be too much.   Also that gave us time to still do some catch up errands at the apartment - laundry and scrubbing,  plus writing a few letters home.   Summerr here is winding down.   Our days will begin getting noticably shorter soon and before we know it, the weather will turn off cold and rainy for the somewhat dreary Auckland winter.   So we were glad to be able to spend part of the day out getting fresh air and walking time in the company of such good friends.  

One performer that took us by surprise was the "Samoan Elvis".   He actually did pretty well!

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