Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Trainings

Tuesday morning we headed back to the FHC at Central Stake to be sure the printer had been installed properly. Our same two ladies were there, this time joined by another sister. We stayed there working with them till about noon answering more questions and showing them other skills like the snipping tool and decendency research. Each of them submitted a family name while were there and were proud to show off their cards they had printed.

We then went back to the Maupusaga / Malaeimi building. This is a huge stake center with a separate chapel, classrooms, offices and FHC on each end for the two stakes who share it. We were there early so we went back over to the Maupusaga side first and answered some questions at the FHC there. Then we came over to the Malaeimi side for our next scheduled training. This was another large group (over 60 people) with many ward council members in attendance.

Malaeimi Stake Presdidency and Sister Valasi Fiatamalii Apulu who did the translation for our training
On the last day we were in American Samoa we stopped at a restaurant to get some lunch. A man came up to us there to say he had been at this training and how powerful it had been. He thanked us for coming to the island, saying how important it was for many of the leaders and members to hear the messages we brought. We felt so grateful to know the work we were doing was touching hearts, even when the language barrier sometimes made it hard for us to know if we were getting through or not.

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