Sunday, May 15, 2016

Last Day in Samoa

Today was our last day in Samoa.  At church we went around saying our farewells to the many different people who have been so dear to us. We have so enjoyed getting to know the leaders, the members and the other senior missionaries.  The hardest good-bye, of course, was to Atalina and Poao AhHoy.  We will never forget them.  They feel like family to us.

When I think of Samoa I will remember the many colored fales, the food, the beauty - but above all we will remember the people and the spirit we felt here.

I will remember the singing.  I will remember the sunsets and the rain.  I will remember the love that we felt among these dear people of these islands.  We have truly been richly blessed for our time here.

It has been an incredible experience....not easy and not always comfortable. Sometimes we have been exhausted, confused, discouraged, uncertain, or overwhelmed. But over and over again when we have seen when we put our full faith in God and do whatever may be asked of us, the work comes together far beyond our own abilities.  Over and over again we have been humbled by the sacred ways we were guided to know what to do and say. Truly a transforming experience!

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