Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Busy Weekend

We had a lot going on this weekend.  No P-Day for us!

On Saturday we spent the morning with Redoubt Stake helping out with their Family History Day.  They had set up several different workshops.   Larry taught the class on attaching photos and stories.  I taught how to use partner websites like Ancestry.Com to find records not available in FamilySearch.  We also brought a bunch of laptops for the Family History beginners class to use.  The stake leaders had done a lot of pre-planning and put a lot of effort into this as it is leading up to their stake conference.  We were grateful to get to be part of it.

Once we were done with that event we packed everything up and then headed over to Panmure Stake for a Family History event over there.. We were doing this with Art & Heather Schwencke who took us to lunch on the  way.  They are great folks!                                                                                                    At the Panmure event Youth and YSA took part in several different workshops.  Larry helped with the indexing group and I showed people how to retrieve lost usernames and re-set passwords.  The group also went out to a nearby cemetery to photograph headstones.  The energy of the young people was awesome!

When that was done we once again packed up all the stuff - computers, banners and signs, etc and then took all that back to the office.  By the time we got home we were pooped!  We made an easy supper of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and called it a night.

I did stay up for a while reading lots of background information on the life of Howard W. Hunter for the lesson I would be teaching in Relief Society the next day.

Sunday we had our usual meetings in Auckland Ward and then that evening had dinner with the Streeters followed by a Come and See Fireside.

When we got home from that we started making plans for our upcoming trip to Whangarei this next week where we will be training a new High Council Advisor & Family History Center Director and having our final visit with our dear friends there.  So we have had a lot going on.

The days seem to be zipping past us faster and faster as we wind down our final time here in the mission.  (We are now down to  just 43 days till be return to the USA.)   I hope I never forget these people or this amazing place.

This mission experience has shaped my spirit in so many ways.  As eager as I am to see my family and be back in our home ward, leaving this will not be easy.   I have loved this mission more than I can say.

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