Thursday, August 4, 2016

In the News Again

Link to full MormonNewsroom Story

We have been spending time getting reading for a workshop we will be conducting at the upcoming Auckland Family History Expo focusing on FamilySearch. Rich Hunter, the manager of the Public Affairs department, put an article about that recently in MormonNewsroom.  We were astonished when the piece got over 1,500 "likes".   Both this article and the one that was printed last November about our work in Nakawakawa, Fiji have generated some very positive buzz about Family History missions and family history work in general.

We feel so blessed to have been called to THIS mission at THIS time.  We have gotten to "ride the wave" as interest in family history has really taken off here in the Pacific.  We've seen tremendous growth in the number of people using FamilySearch.   From the "My Family 15 in 15" program last year to the "Find-Take-Teach" trainings we are doing now, we have seen so many folks catch the vision of the power of this work.  Sometimes we get a lot of congratulations for the successes, but we truly cannot take credit for it.  While we have worked very hard, and hope our influence has had an impact, clearly this is the Lord's work.  We have witnessed more miracles than we can count as the influence of the Holy Ghost steps in or times when we can absolutely feel the ancestors in the rooms where we teach.

Families can be eternal.  The work we do in temples is true.  Our testimony of this has grown by leaps and bounds.

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