Saturday, May 14, 2016

Return to Saniatu

Larry and I got a chance to go back to Saniatu.  It was every bit as beautiful as we remembered from when we visited there last year.  (And the road is just as rough!)   This time around we got to go swimming in the pool below the waterfall, which felt wonderful.   While we were there a group of young men and one of the bishops who had been on a camp out together came down to join us.  They enjoyed climbing up the canyon wall and jumping from the cliffs into the water below.  Then they started singing.  Their rich, Samoan voices reverberated off the rock walls with such power and majesty it gave me goosebumps.  

We are winding up our time here and will soon be returning to Auckland. In all likelihood this is the last time we will ever see this magical place.  We have had many spiritual experiences and loved soaking in the amazing beauty. Each country we have visited has its own challenges and opportunities.  Here we struggle with marginal Internet that sometimes can be out for days.  We have more of a language barrier since English is less prevalent than what we have in either Tonga or Fiji.  And there are other limiting factors that have at times been frustrating for us.   Still, we feel that we have touched some lives.  We have made some special friends.  Our own testimonies have been strengthened.  I hope I will always remember these days.

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