Saturday, July 9, 2016

P-day at Piha Beach

After several days of rain we are happy to see the sun out again.  It was a chilly winter day here in New Zealand, but at least the skies were clear so we headed to Piha Beach, over on the west side, on the shores of the Tasman sea.   We climbed Lion Rock for some great views and then on the way home took a short walk along one one of the trails at in the Arataki visitor center,  a jewel of a place nestled in the Waitaikere range.   We are soaking up as much of the New Zealand beauty as we can before we have to leave this magical place.  I have come to love this country so much.  As eager as I am to see my family again and return to the familiarity of my Boise home and Shamrock ward, I suspect I will miss this land deeply all the rest of my days.

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