Sunday, July 24, 2016

Omeru Falls with the Lovelesses

Today we took a drive up to Omeru Scenic Reserve  (on the east side of Kaipara Coast Highway, between Kaukapakapa and the Makarau River) with Scott and Cheri Loveless.  It was a bit blustery and overcast, with spitting mist looming on and off throughout the morning - but we had a good time nonetheless.  I continue to be amazed at how many gorgeous spots there are like this within just a short drive of where we live.

There are a series of three waterfalls  - Waitangi Falls, Omeru Falls and Waitangi Stream Cascade.  In the summer locals come here to swim and have picnics.  Things were pretty muddy today from all the recent rains, but it was lovely to see just the same.

We really enjoyed being with Scott and Cheri.  On the way up we stopped near Wellsford to introduce them to Geocaching and then on the way back we stopped in Helensville to have lunch in a local cafe.  We've been to their apartment on several occasions to play scrabble or Rummy-O and visit, but this was our first time to go out on a P-day adventure with them.  It is times like this that will build memories we will treasure all the days of our lives.

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