Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seminary & Institute Coordinator Training

Seminary & Institute (S&I) Coordinators from all over the Pacific Area are gathered in Auckland, NZ this week for meetings with their department. As part of those meetings, the Family History department provided a training session on FamilySearch with emphasis on the importance of sharing the Find / Take / Teach  message with youth and YSA they work with. Helpers from eight different stakes came together to provide one-on-one assistance with FamilySearch. Several of the S&I coordinators found family names to take to the temple for ordinance work.

We had expected to be just getting back from the trip to Fiji which was cancelled because of the cyclone there, so rather than have us run the training Mike had asked Karen Howard, Area Family History Advisor from Te Awamatu, to take the lead.  She did a great job!

She definitely presented things differently than we would have.  It was interesting to see what she emphasized and what she didn't.  We are so used to being in front doing the presentation that it was a good experience for us to get to sit back and watch for a change.

Larry got to be one of the helpers assisting the leaders.   I took on the role of "runner", helping problem solve with any issues that came up and taking a flash drive back and forth from the various laptops folks were working on up to our office on the third floor to print out the cards since we weren't connected to a printer in the training room.  By the end of the training I was pooped!   But it was a great day and we were glad to be part of it.

Karen Howard

The Helper group

                                                   Scenes from the training with S & I

It was great to see Brother Piutau, our dear friend from Tonga, again.

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