Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July Winter Days

Our short winter days are finally shifting to be just a bit longer each day.  For now, however, the sun is setting around 5:30 PM.   This was our view walking home from the office yesterday.

It was cool and rainy much of the time that my pal Carma was here visiting us with her son, but it never gets seriously cold in Auckland.   Sometimes when I go for walks in the early morning I can see my breath and occasionally there may be a touch of frost on the grass.  Still, flowers bloom year round and banana trees grow here - so it is definitely a sub tropical climate.

After being surrounded by so much lush growth and beauty it will be hard to go back to desert life where the hills are brown much of the year.   I need to remember that beauty comes in many forms and work hard to appreciate what I do have in Idaho even though I will miss the bush and the sea of Aotearea.

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