Thursday, April 28, 2016

Final Trainings in American Samoa

On Thursday morning we went back over to Malaeimi FHC to help members with hands-on instruction in using FamilySearch. Again it was pouring rain so there were not many people out. The church building is situated in a low spot where the rain water collects.  Some of the members there jokingly referred to it as "Mormon Lake".  Several cars that went buy had water up to the bottom of the chassis and it looked like a couple were in danger of stalling out, but the ones we saw all made it through.  Large drain pumps were brought in to reduce the level of the water, but with the rain continuing they were having a hard time keeping up.

Although our numbers were few, those who came were very excited to learn how to use FamilySearch.  One of the sisters who came was the Stake YW President. We spent quite a bit of time with her and encouraged her to reach out to the ward Youth leaders to ensure all the young people in her stake had their own account and were submitting family names for their next temple trip.

That night for our last trainings we met at Central Stake. Our first meeting was specifically for consultants. We connected the computer to our projector so we could show the whole group how the different functions of the Trees program worked. We had people take turns logging on so we would use their family trees as examples to teach the group and that way several people got the experience of practicing hands on skills. There were some who did not remember how to sign on and the questions asked made it clear that there was a real need for basic skills training. Again we stressed using the videos from the FamilySearch Learning Center that we had brought so they would have access to further training after we were gone.

Family History Consultants in Pago Pago Central Stake

After the consultants training we went into the chapel for a leadership presentation. Here we stressed the importance of leading by example, encouraging the Stake Council members to each be sure they had completed their Family 15 and then to show someone else how to do the same. We talked about the Pacific Area Plan and how Family History can be a tool for working toward all of the goals.

Pago Pago central Stake President, Edward S. Lotulelei

This would be our last training in American Samoa.  We would fly back to Apia the following day.  It had been a busy trip with lots of important work accomplished.  We felt good about it.  We were very warmly received all over the island.  Many submitted family names for sacred temple work.  We had made new friends in the Jordons.  All in all it felt like time very well spent.  We just hoped that the work would continue after we were gone.

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