Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sunset at Muriwei Beach

We took Toni & Sheryl to Muriwei Beach to show them the Gannet colony there.  Even though we have been to that spot many times, we still enjoyed this trip, made extra special because we were there in the evening so we got to watch the sunset over the water.

Also, most of the times we have been there in the past have been at high tide.  This time the tide was out so we got to walk into one of the caves that has always been under water when we were there before.  We were looking for the cave that you can walk all the way through, but were on the wrong side of the beach for that.  No matter, every spot we explored was lovely.

We love how the beaches we visit are constantly changing with the tides and seasons.

Really enjoying having Toni & Sheryl here.

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