Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our time in Middleton

As much as we enjoyed our time with Andy and Kathy, we were very eager to get moving on to Middleton to see our son, Aaron, and his family.   The kids all spent Christmas in Michigan with their non-custodial parents. Sharing holidays is something you just get used to in blended families.  On the day after Christmas, however, we got to pick them all up at the airport and bring them home. We could scarcely believe how much they had all grown!

We have absolutely no doubts or second thoughts about serving this mission.  We KNOW it was the right decision at the right time fr us. Still, seeing our grandkids so tall and self possessed was an abrupt reminder that one of the big sacrifices we made was to miss out on the caboose of their childhoods.  Gone are the days of little kids cuddling with us while we read books on the couch.  This new version of youth who took their places are still great kids, but oh how different they all are.

It was wonderful to see the new home that their family now lives in.   We had watched pictures posted on FaceBook as it was being built, but actually staying with them in that home was a very special treat.  One of the things we had talked about during the time they were building it was that they had decided to forgo having a third bay garage so they could afford to put in a full bathroom and extra bedroom on main floor - something that had us very much in mind.   For now that extra room in a craft room and is where they keep their exercise equipment.   But in the future should health or circumstances ever necessitate us needing more help or care, they wanted to have room in this house for aging parents.  The love and forethought of that decision truly touched our hearts.  

We hope it will be a long, long time before we will even have to think about living anywhere other than our own home.   Still, it was very tender to know we were sleeping in a room that had been put in that house especially with us in mind.

One funny thing that happened when we were staying there -  on one of the days when both Aaron and Stephanie had to go to work I was at the house with the boys while Larry went out to have lunch with his sister, Toni.  Chesilee had gone to work with her mom.   (Stephanie is a Nannie for three sweet little kids in Boise and on occasion Ches will go with her to play with them.)

So I was spending some quiet time on my own downstairs while the boys were upstairs playing their video games.  I decided to be helpful while I was there and did some cleaning up around the kitchen.  Then, as I was putting things away into the refrigerator, I saw the most wonderful looking salad.   I figured it was probably something special Stephanie had made to go with dinner than night.   I tried to resist it.  I really did!   But it looked so scrumptious that I just couldn't help myself.   So I took just a wee taste to see what it was like.   SCRUMPTIOUS!   A little bit latter I took a second taste, which was every bit as good as the first.   Finally as I finished the last of the dishes I gave in completely and just went ahead and scooped up a bowl, enjoying my share of the salad for lunch, figuring I could pass on it when it was served later for dinner.  It truly was delicious.

When Stephanie got home I complimented her on the wonderful salad she had made.   She gave me a strange look and asked me "What salad?"   Now I was the one to be confused.   I said "That really good salad in the bowl in your refrigerator.  I had some for lunch and it tasted wonderful.  I hope it was ok that I had some before dinner."    Still looking uncertain she pulled the bowl out of the refrigerator.   "Do you mean this?"  she asked.   YES!   That's the stuff...absolutely yummy.

Now she looked at me with a mystified look on her face and answered "that's the iguana food".
OOPS.   Oh well - it was still very good.  It was a mix of chopped collard greens, kale, red and yellow peppers and mango.   I liked it so much I ate MORE of it at dinner.   (Hopefully the iguana won't mind.)

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