Saturday, July 2, 2016

Another American Celebration in the Mission Field

Once again the Senior Missionaries here in Auckland, New Zealand gathered together to celebrate a very American holiday - the Independence of our nation.   We enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers and root beer floats.  We played different getting - to - know you games and sang American patriotic songs.  As always, it was good to associate with each other.

Larry and I now have less than six months to go before we will be back in America for real.  It's hard to believe how fast the time is zooming by.

We are working extra hard to help as many people as we can to find family names to take to the temple and we have begun organizing files our office to turn over to the missionaries that will replace us.   Our emotions have been topsy turvy  as we begin winding down the last few months of this mission.

We have come to love these dear friends of ours so much and we will miss them fiercely when we go.  We treasure our times together.  We truly are surrounded by top notch folks.

Key to Group Photo

BACK ROW - STANDING - Left to Right:

Jeff Champlin, Stephen Eccles, Steve Jackson, David Crane, Larry Bennett, Lloyd Calderwood, Barry Preator, Carl Freeman, Jim Byrne, Jim Henderson, R. Craig Martin, Gary Olsen, Lynn Collins, Myron Micklesen, Mikel Bath, Scott Loveless

MIDDLE ROW - IN CHAIRS - Left to Right

Daryl Eccles, Alice Jackson, Lynda Bennett, Debbie Calderwood, Nola Freeeman, Robyn Balli, Pres Rick Balli, Marilee Byrne, Karen Collins, Shawna Bath

FRONT ROW - ON FLOOR - Left to Right

Linda Martin, Joy Micklesen, Linda Champlin, Susan Preator, Karen Richards, Susan Seamons, Pauline Crane, Linda Olsen, Kathy Henderson, Cheri Loveless

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