Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Carma comes to visit

We get to have  one more visit from USA friends before we leave this beautiful land.  My best friend from Boise,  Carma Christensen, and her youngest son, Jeff, are here for about 10 day.   Carma and I were assigned as Visiting Teaching companions when I first moved to Boise.  Through our service together we developed a very sweet friendship that has richly blessed my life.  We are different in so many way.  Still, our love for each other transcends all those differences.  We are having a blast showing them both around some of our favorite spots.

Some of the time they are here the two of them will take a bus to go see sights on their own while Larry and I are working.  But we did get to take them up to Whangarei, to One Tree Hill, and to a few different beaches and bush hikes.  It will be fun when we get back home to have someone there who I can share stories with about how special this land truly is. The pictures are nice, but they can never entirely capture the feeling of being here.

Carma Christensen

Carma, Jeff, Larry, Me

Jeff Christensen

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