Friday, July 22, 2016

Training Our Replacements

Larry and I with Elaine and George Harvey - the missionaries
who will be replacing us when our mission ends
As we get closer to the end of our mission it is time to start making transition plans for turning things over to those who will be replacing us. We are fortunate to know in advance who that will be (which doesn't always happen) and have an opportunity to spend time orienting them to the duties of working in the Pacific Area Office.

We count ourselves doubly blessed because we know Elder and Sister Harvey already.  We met them at the MTC in December 2014 when we first came out.   They are from New Zealand and were just beginning a family history mission in America, assigned to work in the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  We jokingly told each other then that we would look after their country for them and they could look after our country for us.

They served 18 months in Utah and have now returned to New Zealand.  They gave it some thought and decided they would do a second mission if they could serve in their own country.  So they will spend the next couple months visiting family and sorting out their affairs in Wellington where there home is.  Then they will come back to Auckland the week before we leave so we can have one final training session with them.  They will move into our apartment after we are gone and take over where we left off.

It is a big relief to know that such capable, experienced people will be taking over for us.   Also, being from New Zealand with many long term relationships here will be a major plus for them.   I know they will do a terrific job.

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