Saturday, April 16, 2016

Elder & Sister Garth

Some of my best memories of this mission will be of that amazing people we have met during our service.   Among these will be Elder & Sister Garth, who come from South Victoria, Australia.

The Garths work in the mission office so we do not see them as often as the ones who work in the Pacific Area Office with us.   But through our visits at Family Home Evenings and times when I go over to their office which is just around the corner from ours, I've come to appreciat them both for their deep faith, their humor, their kindness and humility.

I rode over to the Sister's Conference with Sister Garth, so it gave me a chance to get to know her a little bit better.  I was so impressed by what I learned.

Elder Garth's career was a prestigious one in finance. He has all sorts of  corporate experience and several degrees.   Before coming on this mission he was NOT a "Mister - Fix - It" sort of guy.  He worked in an office crunching numbers and making deals.  If something needed repaired, he wrote a check to get it done.

In the mission, however, his assignment has been to take charge of the missionary housing.   That means he has to clean up missionary flats and fix things, to paint and patch.   It is an assignment that was FAR outside his comfort zone or knowledge when he first started.  But you would never know that to talk to Elder Garth.

I have NEVER hear him utter a word of complaint about the things he is asked to do.  He always has a smile on his face.  He always is eager to offer a helping hand if anyone has a need.

Then there is Sister Garth.  She has had some significant health challenges in her life.  Even now she has to deal with a level of pain and limitation that would make many people say mission service was out of the question for them.   But not her.  Her attitude is that as long as she can get up and serve, she will do it willingly and cheerfully.   I don't think I've ever met anyone as sincere and loving as these two sweet servants of the Lord.   They are both such great examples to me.

When I have a hard day or am asked to do something that I don't like or don't feel equipped to do, I hope I will always remember the Garths.

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