Tuesday, September 20, 2016

South Island Trip Day 7: Beauty of the Catlins

The days of this journey are tumbling together in a blur as we move from place to place, stacking up each new experience like a string of precious jewels. I want to savor each one, but the effect of experiencing so much love and beauty on top of each other is that my mind freezes in awe, barely able to take it all in.  Today we took our time to enjoy the road trip from Invercargill to Dunedin via the scenic route through the Catlins.  We ended up taking one wrong turn and having to back track some, but the scenery along the way was so amazing we really didn't mind.

We took some short hikes to three different waterfalls along the way.  We also enjoyed stunning views of beaches, farmland, and of course lots of the ever present sheep.

All of New Zealand is beautiful.  Throughout our extensive travels from top to bottom we have NEVER found a place we thought was boring or ugly.  Still, this particular region truly stands out as some of the most remarkable.   Perhaps one day we will come back to explore it more thoroughly.  If that never happens, however, we can count ourselves richly blessed for have had a taste of it today.

McLean Falls

Matai Falls

Purakaunui Falls

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