Friday, March 4, 2016


Since we are not in Fiji as we had planned for the next few weeks we are making other arrangements to stay as productive as possible.  We've been invited to go down to Wellington District to do some family history training there.  It's quite a long drive down, so we decided to break up the trip by spending a night in Hamilton.  This gave us an opportunity to do a session at the temple to be more fully spiritually prepared for the work we will be doing.  We had a lovely time.  It has been good for us to reflect on the eternal nature of families and connect with the larger purpose behind all that we do as Family History support missionaries.

In the temple I received a very strong prompting to begin again to search for the family of my great grandfather, Arthur Charles Samuel Hutchinson.

  I have so many questions about him.  I do not know where I will find the answers, but I know it's time to begin looking again.  I know without a doubt that the sealing ordinances we do in temples are real and so vitally important.

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