Monday, September 19, 2016

South Island Trip - Day 6: Meeting the Beckmanns

On Monday afternoon we drove over to Gore where we met with Elder and Sister Beckmann at the FHC there.  They were a delightful couple. After doing an inventory of the equipment in the center and downloading the files we had to share, we all went out for lunch at Subway, then visited for a while at the Beckmann's apartment. Their energy and joy in service was infectious. They are serving as Member and Leadership Support missionaries (MLS) so they do a little bit of everything in their very rural area.

We thought Gore was really pretty with its rolling hills and rich green farm pastures.  It's spring time now so there were lots of baby lambs bouncing around in the fields. 

(photo by Sister Linda Beckmann)

According to Wikipedia:  the town of Gore is 64 kilometres (or about 40 miles) northeast of Invercargill and had just under 10,000 residents. "
Gore is a service town for the surrounding farm communities."

We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many great folks among the ranks of Senior Missionaries.  Some we may never have an opportunity to meet again in this life.  Others we hope to stay in touch with for years to come.  But every one of them touches our hearts with their example of service and love for the Savior. 

When we got back to Invercargill we took some time to visit the Botanical Garden there which also has a nice aviary.   We got there at the close of day with not much time before it would be dark, so our visit was brief.   However, if this mission has taught us anything at all, it has been to appreciate each experience for what it is, not feeling bad that we can't have more of it.   There are many places we see as quick drop by visits as we go from one place to another.  Any one of those could be explored more deeply, some for days on end.  Still, we count ourselves blessed to see them at all, continually reminding ourselves that the real purpose for us to be here is our mission service.  Getting to see all this beauty is simply icing on the cake.

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