Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mt. Roskill Indexing Fireside

Tonight Larry did a presentation on indexing for Mt. Roskill stake.  He did a great job!  I'm quite skilled with FamilySearch and Ancestry.com, but I don't do indexing at all. I'm familiar with what it is and why it is important, but I can't speak about it at all from personal experience. Fortunately, my sweet husband is getting quite good at it, so he was able to give some great examples and explanations.  We've done other trainings at Mt. Roskill so we feel very comfortable meeting with that group.

Sister Patricia Leung Choi organized the meeting and invited us to present to the group

Brother Koula is the new High Council advisor for Redoubt Stake.  This was his first meeting to speak to a group in his new calling.  He was a little bit nervous, but he did a terrific job.

Brother & Sister Hildebrand have been leaders in Family History work in Redoubt Stake for many years.  They have now been released from their positions (she as FHC director and him as high council advisor) as they are preparing to move to Waiheke Island.  They will surely be missed in their Stake!

After the meeting there were some nice refreshments and visiting.  We very much enjoy working with members here, sharing their testimonies and feeling their love.  The people of New Zealand, both in and out of the church, have all been so kind and gracious to us throughout this mission. The culture here in steeped in generosity of spirit, courtesy, and respect.  Folks are just plain nice.  There is no sense of anyone trying to put on airs or put themselves above anyone else.  No one seems one bit concerned about relative status based on income or background.  There is an openness and authenticity that has completely won over our hearts.  I hope I can always follow there example no matter where we may live in days to come.

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