Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tonga Beauty

We especially enjoyed the time we spent on the islands of Ha'apai.   Ha'apai is a chain of several different islands.   

We were on Lifuka and Foa.   The beauty of these islands truly captured my heart.


Lifuka and Foa connected by bridge
The bridge between the two islands

These are some shots of a few of the smaller islands I took from the plane as we were leaving:

There are reasons I would never choose to live in Tonga.  But to have this special time as a guest in the Kingdom has been a true honor.  I've come to appreciate and respect the Tongan people in many ways.  I've felt the Spirit in these islands in ways I will never forget.  I've had prayers answered.  I've learned things about myself and my testimony.   A part of my heart will forever remain here, in this beautiful land.

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