Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our Visitors from Salt Lake

For several weeks now we have been making plans for assisting with a tour of the Pacific by some special guests from Salt Lake.  Elder Allan Packer, General Authority Seventy and  Executive Director of the Family History Department and others are visiting New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and American Samoa.  Elder Packer is being accompanied by his wife, Terri Packer; and the Family History Department’s Managing Director, Dennis Brimhall, and his wife, Linda Brimhall. Steve Rockwood, an international director for the Family History Department, and Mike Higgins, Family History Manager for the Pacific Area, are also travelling with the group.   We picked them up at the airport here on Thursday evening and have been their guides and driver during the time they have been here.

Sister & Elder Allan Packer, Sister & Elder Dennis Brimhall, Steve Rockwood & Mike Higgins
Elder and Sister Packer

Elder and Sister Brimhall

Steve Rockwood
Larry has been chauffer for the group,  driving us all around in one of the big church vans. The van happens to have a standard transmission which ordinarily would be no challenge for him, but since here the driver's side is on the right that means he has to shift with his LEFT hand which took some getting used to.  Still, he has done a great job.

We have had various conferences, firesides and assemblies with them.  We also took them to visit a local family history center and then had time for a quick trip up to Saniatu.

We've very much enjoyed getting to know them all.   I was particularly impressed by the love Sister Packer had for the children here.

We have heard some fabulous council in these meetings and have also enjoyed our private conversations with them in the car as we traveled from place to place.

I have especially enjoyed hearing Steve Rockwood reinforce the importance of family stories.  He is a wonderful story teller and filled each meeting with power and energy I will not soon forget.

This whole week has been a wonderful opportunity.

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