Sunday, July 26, 2015

Faith Traditions of Fiji

We were facinated by the complex mix of different faiths in Fiji.  

According to Wikipedia:
Aboriginal Fijian religion could be classified in modern terms as forms of animism or shamanism, traditions utilizing various systems ofdivination which strongly affected every aspect of life. Fiji was Christianized in the 19th century. Today there are various Christian denominations in Fiji, the majority being Methodist. There are also a number of Eastern religions  present: HinduIslam and Sikhismamong others. Fiji has many public holidays as it acknowledges the special days held by the various belief systems, such as Easter andChristmas for the Christians, Deepavali for the Hindus, and Eid for the Muslims. From the beginning the old Fijian religion was the Majority, but after the British deported Hindus to Fiji, the majority became Hindus. Later, Hindus started immigrating for a better life. Then Christianity became the majority and it still is.


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