Friday, December 18, 2015

Back in the USA!

We cleared customs in the LA airport without a single hitch.  I took a chance on bringing home a box of favorite shells from our New Zealand beaches, not knowing for sure whether US Customs would let us keep them.  I was surprised that they never even looked.  NZ has very tight rules for not allowing any biological agents in, but apparently the US is less concerned about something as simple as sea shells.  We of course declared everything we brought, but there was no issue.   So I was happy we could keep our reminders of favorite walks along the water's edge.  We were through the gates and headed over to the domestic terminal in no time.  First part of our journey accomplished!   One more flight to go.

Although we are taking a break from our mission assignment to tend to some family matters, we are still wearing our badges and mindful that we are representives of Jesus Christ in all we say and do.  Many people who saw our badges asked us if we were heading out or coming home.  There were a lot of surprised looks when we said we were still in the middle of the mission.

Many expect that Senior missionaries would have the same rules and structure that the young elders and sisters do.  That's what we thought when we first went out.   I certainly never would have guessed we'd be allowed a visit home like this.   We are so grateful for this opportunity.

Due to the International Date Line we actually arrived before we left - how crazy is that after a 12 hour flight?   We were stiff and bleary eyed from the long journey across the ocean, but ever so excited to be back on our own native soil.

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