Monday, April 25, 2016

Another day in the life...

We spent several hours on Monday at the service center so Larry could install images onto two new family history computers for Central stake. It wasn’t difficult as much as it was tedious. His biggest problem was that he wasn’t really familiar with the process, but with the help of a LONG phone call to Global Support he got the job done.

While he was doing that I was able to spend some time with one of the employees in the front office who is also a Family History consultant in her ward. She had never submitted a family name before and was so excited when I showed her how to do it.

Afterward Larry and I  took the new computers to Central Stake to get them set up there. Again Larry was on the phone for a long time to Global Support in order to get the premium family history sites set up. We had some challenges getting the new machines to work with the printer, but later the Tech specialist for that stake was able to get that part done. While Larry took care of the tech set up I did some hands on training of two consultants there. Both were very eager to learn.

One of the sisters had very complicated lines in her family history that took a lot of sorting out, and of course there were the usual duplicates to review and merge. When family trees are compiled using only living memory there is a lot of guess work which often leads to mistakes. She had sons born before the mothers and daughters married to the wrong people or kids attached to the wrong family group that all needed to be painstakingly untangled. By the time we got it straight my head was swimming, but we felt good about all we had accomplished.

That afternoon we got together with the Jordons again as they wanted to take us to the local Catholic church to show us the remarkable artwork there.

As we left the church we stopped to snap a few pictures of some people we saw cutting coconuts and they were kind enough to share some with us to drink the juice. It was delicious straight from the tree

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