Friday, September 23, 2016

A New Kind of Music

 We made our way back from the South Island and now we are winding up our final days of this experience.  We are scheduled to leave on October 3.

As we began to pack up to return to the states, we were sad we could not take Larry's guitar back with us.   I have enjoyed many a lovely evening listening to him play and he has learned quite a few new songs in the time we have been here. Alas, the guitar was 2 centimeters too long for us to take back with us without paying a fortune in oversize baggage fees. Then we got a great idea. We took the guitar down to Music Planet and traded it in on a Ukulele. THIS will fit in our suitcase. HOORAY! 

Now he needs to learn how to play some of our favorite island songs like Savalivali! 

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