Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life Lessons while Fishing at Birkenhead

This weekend we spent some time down at the wharf at Birkenhead so Elder Bennett could try a bit of fishing.  Sadly, although he had a few bites, all he caught were rocks.  (He lost his hooks and sinkers a few times when his line would get caught in the rocks below.)

So, my craving for fish tacos had to be satisfied at the market instead.

It was not a complete waste of time however.  Up until now we really had no idea where to go for fishing here.  What we got that day, instead of a fine catch, was an education.   We did see some other people catch some nice snapper, so we know there ARE fish to be caught in that place.  He also got some tips from some of  the locals about best baits, times, tides, etc.  

Of course, some of the fish caught were too small to keep,  like the one pictured here.  But others we saw pulled in would feed a family well.  So we are hopeful that on another day Larry will manage to hook one or two of his own.

 The best part for me was visiting with Naresh, a woman from Fiji who was a delight to listen to with her soft, lilting Hindi accent.  We talked about how she and her family adapted to living here after they emigrated several years ago.   She misses Fiji, but recognizes that there are more opportunities for her sons here.   We talked about all sorts of things, from cooking tips to her views on arranged marriages vs. love marriages.  She spoke of her memories of growing up in Fiji during simpler times and how the world is different today with cell phones, Internet and video games.  I may never see her again.  Or the universe could surprise me and the two of us could become good friends.   Only time will tell.

One of the biggest lessons of mission life for us is to appreciate each person we meet, each place we visit, without making any attachments for the future.  We must do our very best to live in the present moment, focusing on gratitude for what we are experiencing without placing expectations.  That is a major switch for me.

There is a line in a great American song "Mother Blues" by Ray Wylie Hubbard that says "
The days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations are very, good, days.”

There is real wisdom there.

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