Sunday, January 11, 2015

Taulanga Ward Primary

I love the spirit in the Taulanga Ward Primary!   Initially I chose to go in there simply because the kids are taught in English while all the adult classes are conducted in Tongan.   It was much easier to follow what was going on and feel like I could contribute when I could understand the language. 

Once I got in there, however, I was so impressed by the spirit of the leaders and the children.  The singing is absolutely amazing!!  Even the very youngest kids know their Primary songs and belt them out strong. 

I noticed a few differences here, such as shoes seem to be optional and the children sit on the floor during sharing / singing time.   But other than that, these kids are like primary children all over the world.  Some love to come the class.  Some are less certain.  Above all, what impressed me the most about the Taulanga Ward Primary was the love they all showed for each other.  These kids clearly have been taught to love one another and to love the Savior.   It is a real privilege to get to be with them.

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