Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Faces of Samoa

As much as we are in awe of the scenery here, without a doubt it is the people who have captured our hearts.  We have felt so welcomed by their kindness.  This culture is one of deep sense of connection to community  and to God.   No matter where we have gone we have felt very safe, able to ask anyone we met how to say something or for directions of where to go.  I want to always remember the open generosity of spirit these people have shown us and that I can carry that with me throughout my days.

17 Feb 2015

Upolu Saleilua Stake
Stake President
Apineru Kofe

Elder Bennett teaching with interpreter

Sister Atalina Ah Hoy with RS Sisters from Saleilua Stake

Apia West Stake
Lily, the young girl in center, taught us all some things!
She is daughter of the FHC Director,Liutoga Faamausili, front right.
I hope I will always remember the feelings I had while teaching these people.

19 February 2015     Upolu Faleasi'u Stake
FHC Director Molimaufou Laulu with consultants from her stake

Larry and I with Area Family History Advisors, Brother and Sister Ah Hoy.
The love and kindness they showed to us on this trip was amazing.
They served as our guides, our interpreters, and became our eternal friends.

 20 February 2015

Upolu Nuumau Stake

FHC Consultants from Pesega Samoa Stake

21 February 2015  Upolu East Stake
Stake President Avauli

  22 February 2015 Upolu Aleisa Stake

24 February 2015

Upolu Tafuaupolo Stake

Upolu South Stake

Stake President Pasina Faiumu

26 February 2015 - Apia Samoa Stake

Stake RS President Rosemarie Vaa'ulu

Faces along the way

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