Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Soaking in God's Bathtub

One of the things I've truly missed since leaving the United States has been the opportunity to take a bath.  While I usually prefer showers for getting clean, a nice hot soak in a tub before going to bed at night is something I find very relaxing.  Ever since arriving in New Zealand last December, I have only had access to showers.  Even when we have stayed in hotels there have been no tubs.  It's not that big of a deal, but I have so longed for a good soak.

Today I got to soak till I was pruney. This morning Larry and I drove over the mountains to the other side of the island to deliver and set up a new printer for one of the family history centers.  On the way home, we found this sweet spot to stop for lunch and a bit of snorkeling. (We knew we were going to have some free time, so we brought our gear just in case.)   It was heavenly!

Just as we got out of the ocean the skies opened up and poured rain on us.  We were already wet, so this was just a sweet refresher to rinse the salt off.  I danced in the rain on the beach till I was giddy.  It was great.  It really poured!

We didn't have any appointments for the afternoon, so we just took our time on the way back, stopping to take in some views.  It was really the first relaxed time we have had since we arrived, so we enjoyed it thoroughly.  

For a while we were able to pick up a radio station from American Samoa with some classic rock 'n' roll to keep us company as we drove back across the mountains.   We talked and laughed and felt like we needed to pinch ourselves to be sure we weren't simply dreaming.

Samoa is truly a magical place.

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