Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ormonds Come to Visit

On Tuesday, Dave and Gayle Ormond arrived from the United States to spend a couple weeks with us.  Dave was the Ward Mission Leader in Shamrock Ward back in Boise during the time that Larry and I were serving a Ward Mission.  We very much enjoyed working together and built a special friendship through our service together.  

As they get closer to retirement the Ormonds are considering whether or not a full time mission might be something they would consider.  So they decided to take a vacation here to shadow us for a while and get a better view of exactly what a full time mission entails.   We look forward to showing them some of the beauty of New Zealand and sharing with them the excitement we feel for what we are doing.  

Everybody's situation in different.  Health, finances, family concerns and decisions about what to do with your home are all things that seniors have to consider when deciding whether they are ready to serve full time.  For us, it was absolutely the right thing to do, even though it did require some big sacrifices.   We have no idea whether Dave and Gayle will choose to serve full time or not.  That is between them and the Lord.  But what we do know is that there are MANY different kinds of missions, some in far away lands and some that can be served right from home.  Hopefully they will enjoy their time here with us and perhaps it will help them get a clearer idea of some of the different ways available to serve.  

They will get to meet lots of different missionaries who work with us in the Pacific Area Office, each with very different assignments.  It just may be that this trip will give them a better feel for what their future may hold.

Dave & Gayle Ormond at Lake Pupuke

Parrot we saw at the park in Davenport

Parrots in flight

View of downtown Auckland from Mt. Victoria in Devonport

Devonport Harbor

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