Thursday, November 26, 2015

Temple Blessings

We spent Thanksgiving day going to Hamilton to spend time in the Temple with our dear friends, the Ormonds. When we begin to count all the things we have to be thankful for at this special season of gratitude, we are very mindful of the atonement of Jesus Christ and for His teachings.  There is no place we feel closer to the Savior than in the temple


For the past several years we have made a tradition of going to the temple for our anniversary, which is Nov 28th.  Being in the temple either on or very near our anniversary each year helps us recommit to the holy promise of our forever marriage.  Having a "for time and all eternity" bond is no magic guarantee, but rather a sacred opportunity which we need to live up to.  Frequent temple attendance helps us to remember why it is so important to include the Lord in all that we do.

When we first were sealed in the Washington DC temple back in 1983 we talked about one day getting to go to all the temples we could.  At that time there were only 7 temples in the US and not many more throughout the world.   Now there are over 150 temples world wide either in operation or under construction, with more being announced every year.  There is no longer much chance at all that we will ever see even half of all the temples, and that's ok.  We are excited that on this mission, however, we get to add several new ones to the list of those we have been in.
World Wide Temple Map Found HERE

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