Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Temple Experience

I have a friend back in the states who served a mission in Australia some 40 yrs ago.  One of the companions he had at that time as a young Elder was Louie  Wolfgram.  Elder Wolfgram is now serving a senior mission with his wife here in Tonga.   So when my friend Mike heard we would be traveling to this part of the world as part of our assignment, he was very eager for us to look for his former missionary companion to bring greetings.  I promised I would do my best to find him.

However, our trip here has been very busy.  With one thing and another, I really have not had a chance to try to locate this man.

Then on Wednesday we had a chance to go to the temple.  We were nearly exhausted from traveling all over the island doing various trainings.  I knew that some time in the temple would be exactly what I needed as a "spiritual shot in the arm" to help us get a second wind.

On the way in to the temple I was thinking about this man that my friend wanted me to look for, but I could not remember his name.  I had it written down in my notebook back at our room.  Unfortunately without that note there was no way I was ever going to know who to ask for.   I felt bad because I didn't want to let my friend down.  By that point, however, I was so tired I barely remembered my own name!  So I let go of the concern, went on in and had a nice session. 

After the session was over, as I was walking out of the main corridor towards the front door one of the men who I had seen at the session noticed my missionary badge and asked what my assignment was.  I told him my husband and I were were there for Family History and we chatted a bit about the nature of what it is we do.  I was just getting ready to walk away to meet Larry and head home when I suddenly got a very strong prompting that THIS was the man I was supposed to look for.  I had absolutely nothing to base that on.  I just knew.  So I asked him if he knew my friend Mike back in Idaho.  The man broke out in a big grin of recognition and eagerly said that he knew my friend.  We talked some more about their time together as young missionaries and I was able to keep my promise of extending greetings from him.

Even though in my scatterbrained, exhausted state I did not bring the note and really had no memory of who I was supposed to look for, I was guided to find him and to recognize him in a way that I know was influenced beyond my own knowledge.

Just one more in a growing stack of missionary miracles to remind us the Lord knows us personally and is mindful of our needs.

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