Friday, May 1, 2015

SeniorNet-North Shore

Today Larry and I had an opportunity to attend one of the monthly meetings of SeniorNet. We have been asked to give a presentation to their group about how to use FamilySearch at the June meeting.  Today we attended as guests simply to get familiar with the facility and get a feel for the group. What a terrific bunch of folks!

According to their website:

"SeniorNet was founded in the USA in 1986 and Telecom NZ introduced SeniorNet to New Zealand by establishing the first Learning Centre in Wellington in 1992.  SeniorNet North Shore Inc. opened in 1996.
“SeniorNet Inc. is a global non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California.  Begun in 1986, SeniorNet is the world's largest technology trainer of older adults with a mission to provide its members with education for and access to computer and the Internet to enhance their lives and enable them to share their wisdom.  With an  international network of more than 230 Learning Centers staffed by over 5,000  volunteer instructors throughout the world, SeniorNet has educated millions of older adults about computers and the Internet, and continues to grow in numbers and world-wide reputation.”
The presentation today had to do with graphic design and promotion, with the focus being directed toward those who are writing family history books to help them present their stories in a more engaging way.   There were a few tips and tricks that were really intriguing.   
I was impressed by the general feel of the group - about 15 folks (more women than men) ranging in age from 50's to 80's.   I'm not sure what the actual membership numbers are for the club.  Apparently who shows up to any particular meetings depends to some degree on the topic being addressed.  People pick and choose which lessons they want to learn.

However, as one woman told me, some of the old die hard members come no matter what the subject of the presentation.  For many the club has as much social value as it does educational.   That was readily apparent.    One older lady I spoke to just beamed as she interacted with her peers in the gathering, explaining her occasional tendency to forget words and her long time friends' ability to easily guess and supply the word that has eluded her in a seamless flow of friendly chatter.  She said "I'm so old I've gotten silly".

Well, I'm not that old yet, but I'm definitely silly.   So I think we will fit right in with this group.   I look forward to going to future gatherings and learning some new stuff.

This photo of the group was actually taken in June when we went back.  We found them to be a delightful audience and very much enjoyed getting to do the FamilySearch presentation for their group.

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