Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Goodbye to the Perrons

One of the inevitable factors of mission life is that we have lots of good byes.  Not only do we have to say goodbye when we leave each area where we travel to give trainings,  we also have to say goodbye to the other missionaries we serve with as each couple is on a different schedule to rotate back home.

This week Elder Bill and Sister Debbie Perron completed their time of service and have gone back to America.    We didn't see them as often as some of the others since their assignment was to teach Institute and work with the Young Single Adults.  Rather than being in the Pacific Area Office like we are when we are in New Zealand, they were in downtown Auckland much of the time. Still, through our shared Senior family home evenings and other all-mission events we had gotten to know them and always enjoyed their sweet spirits.

One of the nice things about knowing the Perrons is they also live in Boise, Idaho so it is very possible we could connect with them when we get back home!   So many of the other missionaries live in Utah or come from other states.  It's nice to have someone else in our area that we could get together to reminisce with about our New Zealand life.

The Perrons were such great examples and a wonderful positive influence in the lives of many of the young people they served with.  They will definitely be missed!

Here is a video they posted showing them with some of the great YSA they worked with.

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