Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Community Outreach

In addition to the work we do with Church leaders, we also have had several opportunities to work with non-member community groups.  Right now I'm putting together a  PowerPoint for another presentation to the North Shore SeniorNet group.  Last time we spoke there it was specifically  about FamilySearch.  This time I will show them how they can use personal blogs as an alternate way to record and share personal or family stories.

We also recently did a FamilySearch presentation in Orewa to the Hibiscus Branch of the NZ Genealogy Society.  We had a wonderful time meeting with their group.

The place where the meeting was held was right by the Te Ara Tahuna Estuary so we enjoyed walking around there a bit and also spending a little time in the small art museum that was in the building where we were to meet.

Me with, Myra Frew, Margaret Poole, Patricia Dobbs, Maggie Chan, Wendy Fitzpatrick, Wendy Inskeep (leaning back), Levina Cuthbert at lunch before the meeting.
Me presenting to the group...broken wrist and all.  Photo by Roger Shearer

It has been a delight to get to teach so many varied groups of people - especially since the role I have now does not require me to spend any time or energy on tests or grading that I had to do during my 20 years of adjunct sociology work in various community college settings.  I genuinely enjoy following the flow of whatever people are most interested in and/or ready to learn about. Even though I always go in with a specific plan, I like to stay alert and flexible so that if questions and interest go off in another direction I'm ready to follow whatever that path may be.  It's sort of like mining for gold, never knowing before hand where the vein will take me.
Besides, I learn heaps of new things myself as I prepare to teach each new seminar.  FamilySearch is a dynamic program that is constantly changing as the developers add new features and functionalities.  There are also other genealogical tips and tools that I need to keep current on to share with each new group.

After each session Larry and I do a debrief to talk about what worked well and what things might have been improved on.  I love the way we work together as a team..

I never dreamed when we first decided to go on this mission how rewarding this would be.  Yes, at times it is hard are there are most definitely some big sacrifices.  But the opportunity to be so completely engaged in giving service has brought us so many blessings.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to be assured this isn't all just a dream.  Feeling very grateful for this mission!  Looking forward to whatever may come next.


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