Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mt. Roskill Stake Training

On many Saturdays we have gone out sight seeing or enjoying some sort of adventure on our usual "day off".  But today we had an opportunity to participate in the Mt. Roskill Stake Family History training.   It went really well.   There was a good turn out of Consultants and Priesthood leaders (Bishops and High Priest Group Leaders).  Everyone seemed very engaged in the training and enjoyed the way the various topics were presented.   

Larry met with the Priesthood leaders to talk about the role of High Priest Group Leaders in supporting Family History in wards and branches.  I did a segment to the family history consultants on the way partner sites like Ancestry.com work together with Family Search.  The whole morning came together great and we were glad to be a part of it.  

Bush walks are nice and I'm always up for discovering another waterfall.   But THIS is why we are here.  We love teaching this stuff.  It feels so good to be a part of something that matters, to know our efforts are contributing to things of eternal consequence.  It truly is a privilege to be serving this mission.

Larry and Brother Hillbourne setting up chairs for the meeting
The Mt. Roskill team; Sister Wihongi, Sister Hillbourne and Sister Leung Choi

Putting the FAMILY in Family History - Mt Roskill FHC Director Sister Hillbourne talked about the importance of making the centers a welcoming place for all family members.  This FHC keeps a toy box for little ones to play with while Mum & Dad are busy searching out ancestors.

President Otukolo - Counselor in Stake Presidency over Family History & Temple Work

Art & Heather Schwencke, new Area Family History Advisors for the Auckland region

Sister Leun Choi talking about where information about Family History callings can be found online
Sister Schwencke teaching about the "Memories" section of FamilySearch

Sister Hillbourne shows how to keep microfishe sorted by using place markers whenever you remove one

Sister Wihongi did a brilliant job of illustrating how we all need to work together to have a strong family history program in our wards and branches
 People were divided into groups.  Each group was given a set of paper strips with words on them. The group I was in had a list of ingredients - things like sugar, flour, eggs, chocolate chips, etc.

 Another group had bowl, spoon, baking sheet, spatula,   The next group had words like stir, mix, bake.    The final group had pinch,  teaspoon, 2 cups.

By ourselves, none of the groups could put together a batch of biscuits (the Kiwi word for cookies).  But when she had us all get together to bring what each of us had to share, we were able to build a proper recipe.

 Likewise, in the  wards and stakes of the Church it takes Family History Consultants, Priesthood leaders, Patrons, and the Spirit all working together to make Family History programs really come together.

Afterward we got to eat some of the real biscuits from that recipe.

Brother Collins, High Priest Group Leader for Mt. Roskill Stake gave the closing remarks

A good time was had by all!

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