Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guided by the Spirit

Our mission planning process is really starting to accelerate.

We have found what feels like the right fit for us BOTH.  We want to serve as Family History missionaries.  We've prayed about it together and individually. We both feel like this would be a type of service we could do well and that it would be pleasing to our Father in Heaven.

The next piece is to determine where we might serve.  Today we we had a great phone conversation with Sister Tomlinson,  the coordinator over all the Family History Missions worldwide. She explained more about what a Family History mission entails and then shared with us the list of all the openings they have coming up - everything from Mesa, Arizona to Mongolia.

In December they will have an opening in New Zealand for a senior couple.  That particular mission serves the whole Pacific area,  so even though we would be based in Auckland, New Zealand we would be likely to travel a fair amount to some of the surrounding island nations as well. 

As we talked with her about this mission, I got goose bumps all over.  Larry and I looked at each other with big silly grins and it just felt RIGHT.  This was not simply a matter of wanting to go to a beautiful bucket list destination.  We both genuinely felt something like a spiritual key turning in a lock - like this was the FIT the Lord had in mind for us.

We have spent several days seeking confirmation through serious pondering, fasting and prayer. We are now sure a mission is right for us.  We want to stay open to any assignment we are asked to do. But for right now, it looks like we just may be serving in Middle Earth!

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