Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Mission Photos

We recently went to JC Penneys Portrait Studio to have our formal pictures taken for our mission application.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.  In addition to using whichever one of these we pick for our mission application, it will also go on our plaque.  Our congregation here, called "Shamrock Ward" has a tradition of  making a plaque for every missionary who serves from there.  These are displayed in the foyer of the church the whole time the missionary is gone to help keep members thinking of them and remembering those serving in their prayers.  It will show our faces, where we are serving and have a favorite scripture which we will need to choose.  Since this is something we will always keep as a special memento of our mission I was glad I was having a rare good hair day when we had them done!

We also had our new passport pictures taken and have now sent off our application for those.  We have our old ones which are still valid right now, but they would expire before our mission was done so it's important we get this taken care of.  When the new ones arrive we will need to send them off to the mission travel department in Salt Lake City so they can apply for our visas.  It's easy to enter New Zealand for a short time as a tourist, but living there for over a year takes a whole different level of approval.

We have a whole list of things we need to do to complete our application and get ready to serve.  At times it feels a little bit overwhelming.  But we are on track, checking off each task one by one.

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