Saturday, April 12, 2014

Moving Forward

After our phone conversation a couple days ago with Sister Tomlinson, Larry and I did some serious prayer time to be sure we were on track with following the spirit, not just chasing what would seem exciting or fun for us.  Once we were sure, I sent an email to Sister Tomlinson saying we were quite sure the Family History mission in New Zealand would work for us.

In response, this was in my email today:

"Brother and Sister Bennett,

It is wonderful to hear from you and your feel your commitment to serving the Lord. 

The next step is to provide me your full names, stake and ward, and then in the comments field of your paperwork place the following statement “we have been specifically requested to serve as Family History Area Specialists in Auckland New Zealand” 

Please keep in contact with us. We love to hear the heartwarming experiences couples have as they prepare to serve missions. Please let us know if we can help in any other ways."

WOW! Things are moving. Now, this is NOT the same as our official call. It is possible that we COULD still get sent somewhere else. However, the Mission Coordinator we spoke with said it is quite rare for that to happen after a particular mission has been identified, discussed, and prayerfully confirmed. We will go anywhere our official call sends us. But for now, we are moving forward with plans for New Zealand!

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