Friday, April 25, 2014

Doing My Research

From MormonNewsroom

I've been reading everything I can find about Senior Missions.  I've learned quite a bit.

I particularly enjoyed watching video clips of various senior missionaries around the world talking about their experiences which can be found HERE.

There is also some great information about Senior Missions over at a blog called Mormon Soprano.

I have spent hours going from one website to the next, picking up bits of information and encouragement along the way.   Taking the leap of faith to do this is a HUGE step for both Larry and I.  I'm excited.  I'm nervous.  I'm grateful we get this opportunity.  I'm scared about all we are leaving behind.  But most of all, I am absolutely certain that this is the right decision.  I know that serving a full time mission with my eternal companion for the next two years is exactly where the Lord wants me to be.

Even though our application is not yet submitted, now that the final decision is made it's all starting to feel more real.  It's not longer simply a conversation about possibilities.  We ARE going to do this.  I can't wait!

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