Saturday, December 27, 2014

Connecting With Home

One of the best blessings about being a missionary in a far away land in this modern age is the ability to stay in close contact with my family and friends back home using the Internet.

For those who have Apple technology (either iPads or iPhones) we can do FaceTime.   This lets us both see and hear the person we are talking to.  It's very easy to use and costs nothing.  We just need an Internet connection to make it work. For those who don't have Apple tech we can use Skype instead.  

For times when seeing the person is not so important we will use MagicJack. This is a great free app that can be installed on either iPhone, iPad or Android to allow me to make free phone calls to anywhere in the USA or Canada.   I LOVE this app!   Yesterday I got to call my siblings and my dear friend Carma, as well as my two sons.   We can chat till the cows come home with no fees associated.  

Then of course there is always email, FaceBook and even this silly blog for sending letters and sharing photos of all that we are doing.

These tools make a huge difference in how I experience being half way around the world from all my loved ones.   It doesn't do much for how much I miss my dog, but as far as all the humans in my life, it makes all the difference in he world.


  1. It appears that you and Magic Jack are best buds now. So glad it works for you. :)

  2. Yes, Susan, I'm loving being able to call and chat whenever I like. Thanks so much for showing me this great resource!