Friday, December 5, 2014

MTC Day 5 - Last Day

Today was the final day of Preach My Gospel training at the MTC.  Some folks will be staying longer if they have other training to do.  We will be moving on to Salt Lake City where we will participate in some classes more specific to our Family History assignment.

My heart is full as I leave this very special place.  What I learned more than anything else from this experience is this: coming closer to Christ increases our capacity for love and visa versa. The more we love others, the more we know Christ. This past week has been a tremendous spiritual feast.

In the afternoon large group meeting we saw a video clip of a talk given by Elder Jeffry Holland.  In that address he quoted the poet  Christopher Logue who wrote "Come to the Edge" which appeared in his book "New Numbers" published in 1969

The training talked about being willing to get out of our comfort zone to fully magnify our callings as missionaries.  Elder Holland said the reason we generally don't see more miracles in our lives is because we don't go to where miracles happen.   He promised us that as we fully consecrate ourselves to bringing others to Christ we will indeed see miracles happen.

Over and over this past week I have had specific, personal impressions from the Holy Spirit that have made it very clear to me that this mission at this time is no accident.  I am convinced that I have been prepared for this for a long, long time.  Many of the experiences I have had up until now were teaching me lessons that would be exactly what was needed on this mission at this time.

I will be out of my comfort zone many times, I am sure.  But as my dear companion and I learn to trust, honor our convenants, and act on the spiritual promptings we will receive - I know that we will feel the hand of God in our lives, and spiritually we will fly.

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