Monday, December 8, 2014

SLC Training

Today we started the second phase of our training which is more specific to our particular assignment as Area Family History Support Missionaries in New Zealand.
Elder & Sister Herrmann

Elder and Sister Herrmann have done a fantastic job of putting together the training schedule and communicating with us as we got ready for this mission.  They have served several international missions, in the past.  They are now serving a live-at-home service mission being in charge of training and support for the senior missionaries going on Family History missions.
  They have been wonderful.

Sister and Elder Hammer

Elder and Sister Hammer from Indianapolis, Indiana are the other couple in our classes.  They are also doing a family history mission, going to Malaysia.  We got to know them a little bit in the MTC and enjoy them a lot, so it is great to have a chance to spend more time with them.
Photo of  D. Brimhall from Granite Genealogy blog
photo of D. Brimhall from
Granite Genealogy blog
Our training started with a welcome video by Dennis Brimhall, the Director of Family Search.  He has a really big job!   In addition to the six different division of employees, there are also 3600 missionaries worldwide supporting Family History.   Later in the day we ran into the man in person as we were waiting for our elevator when it came time to change rooms, so we got to say hello for real.

A key part of the training was learning specific information about our assigned countries.  Camille McMurtry was the representative for the Pacific.  The information she shared was quite helpful.

Camille had lots of great info about New Zealand
One of the things we learned today that completely shocked me was that as of Nov 17 of this year, FamilySearch had added 1 BILLION new records just in 2014.  I knew the resources were expanding, but  I had no idea how much.

There were so many good things we heard today.  I look forward to hearing what we will have next.

Salt Lake Temple

Lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Reflection of Assembly Hall in Deseret Book building across the street

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