Monday, December 29, 2014

Day Trip to Muriwai Beach

Today we took a trip over to the west cost to have a picnic at Muriwai Beach and see the Gannett Colony there.  It was a beautiful drive and made for an easy adventure.

I took the top photos, but this close up comes from TripAdvisor HERE

For anyone looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, I would certainly recommend this one.  It is just a short drive from Auckland and the views along the way are pretty spectacular.  Particularly right towards the end as you drop down to the sea, the lush vegetation, flowers, rocks, etc are truly splendid.  The area is open year round and access is free.  We found easy parking, available restrooms and changing areas and open picnic table in a pretty spot.   Who could ask for more?

As it says over at 100% Pure New Zealand:

"The views from the colony are very impressive. Muriwai Beach extends 60 kilometres to the north - a line of black sand between the thundering surf and the sand hills. Far below, enthusiastic surfers look like seals on the large ocean swells."

From Auckland Council Website

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