Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 11 in Tonga - Ongoing work

We had some good success with our trainings on Wednesday.  At Vanni ward I worked with a young woman who had never had an account before, but within just one hour she was  able to identify her 15 names just by making a few phone calls to family members.   She was pretty excited.  All her  direct line ancestors’ temple work was completed since her family has been active in church for a long time.   I showed her how she could use descendency research to look for her cousins and explained to her the rules about who she could do work for and who she should not.  We also helped some others add photos to their family trees and answered various questions people had.

The really fun part of being there was reconnecting with people who remembered us from our first visit. Throughout this trip we found we were far more at ease and confident in our work since we knew our way around the island and were familiar with many of the people.

Brand new to FamilySearch has her 15 in 15 in just one hour

Ha'ateiho Ward

Vanni 2nd Ward

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